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About Swadesh Supermarket

We are Swadesh, your one stop source for Indian and South Asian groceries. We are constantly working towards giving our customers the finest produce, while promoting the art of healthy living and lifestyle. All while offering a convenient and comfortable experience.

Formerly known as Stoney Creek Grocers, at Swadesh Supermarket we offer a wide assortment of ethnic foods sourced from all around the globe. Our products range from fresh produce to the best brands of tea & coffee. We carry an array of rice, flours, dals and spices. We house a separate department dedicated to organic and gluten free options that will cater to all your special requirements. Furthermore, our section of savoury snacks and delicious sweets will surely remind you of home. We also own an extensive range of religious items, home accessories, kitchenware and personal care products. In addition, we highly recommend our customers to visit us during festivities and take advantage of our captivating offers and specialized products.

We take pride in preserving our authentic culture and keeping our traditions alive. Moreover, we are fortunate to be able to turn our passion into an occupation. We continue to improvise and build off constructive feedback from our customers. We believe in three mantras:-

Healthy, Fresh and Savings.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Team Swadesh.